by ADMIN posted on FEBRUARY 3, 2013
This project was done quite a while back to participate in a robotics competition. The objective of such contests is usually to have robots follow a white-tape road "path"as fast as possible.

This presented a great opportunity to get started on the visual recognition subject. The decision was made to create a small four wheeled robot, with a black and white camera. This would allow it to look at the path ahead and decide how to turn and change speed.

One throws the concept of "recognition" around quite too easily, but I started finding real questions that begged to be answered, and had no idea where to begin. The answers came in slowly and almost empirically, as I thought, after all, what the hell I'm I supposed to do with a collection of pixels? how do you USE that in a meaningful way?

by ADMIN posted on DECEMBER 24, 2012
The HTML5 immersion is underway, this is a piece of cake!. The page has been converted from Wordpress to HTML5. This includes CSS styling, which makes all the sense in the world. Even though the sintax takes a little while to learn, it's pretty straight forward. Also, SSI was addded so the top stuff and the menus are included from separate files, so they are shared by all pages. Pretty cool stuff.
All this took about 12 hours, including all the learning curve with the CSS styles. A good reference source to get started is You can quickly look up all the possible tags and see examples.

by ADMIN posted on OCTOBER 5, 2012
I had always shied away from html, instead spending all my time in microprocessors and the fricking DirectX wrapper engine. Well, I finally started exploring html5 the other day and Iím really blown away. Itís unbelievable the kind of stuff that can be done, and without installations or registering any damn dllís! But from what I understand, you still canít save files to any arbitrary folder from within java script, which just keeps me from diving head first into the stuff for my business and robotics applications. But, Itíll have to be possible eventually.
Kudos to these guys for the creativity. Whatís odd is that Windows can present this flawless stuff within the browser, but the OSí GUI itself still sucks, no decent animations or video on the desktop background. Iím told Windows 8 tackles this, as the Metro app stuff is html5. But, can I make a full fledged electrical schematic design application? it remains to be seen I guess. Web apps and real applications development should merge into one seamless paradigm at some point.

Some Hannover Messe Pics
by ADMIN posted on OCTOBER 2, 2012